Charter signed in 1215 by King John of England guaranteeing certain basic rights


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"Magna Carta (Latin for 'Great Charter', literally 'Great Paper'), also called Magna Carta Libertatum ('Great Charter of Freedoms'), is an English charter originally issued in 1215. Magna Carta was the most significant early influence on the long historical process that led to the rule of constitutional law today. Magna Carta influenced many common law documents, such as the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights, and is considered one of the most important legal documents in the history of democracy. ..."

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15 Jun 1215, signed, in Runnymede, England

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Magna Carta
The British Library, includes Modern English translation


Islam and the Discovery of Freedom: A Message of Liberty for Muslims and Non-Muslims Alike, by George C. Leef, The Freeman, Sep 1998
Book review of Islam and the Discovery of Freedom, based on Rose Wilder Lane's book, with an introduction and commentary by Imad-Ad-Dean Ahmad
"Ahmad adds that Magna Carta, to which Westerners trace the beginnings of the idea of limited government, resulted from pressure by English nobles who had returned from the Crusades, where they had learned that the Muslim leader Saladin was bound by the law the same as any other citizen."
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Lysander Spooner, Part 2, by Wendy McElroy, Future of Freedom, Nov 2005
Lengthy biographical and bibliographical essay; from 1852 to Spooner's death, examining An Essay on the Trial by Jury, the No Treason essays and his subsequent influence
"Thus Trial by Jury draws heavily on the Magna Carta, an early 13th-century document signed by King John, which acted as a charter of liberties through which the English nobility protected itself against the power of the Crown. The document is widely viewed as a milestone in the evolution of human liberty. One of the protections established by the Magna Carta was trial by jury."

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