Geographical locations
  • Pacific Ocean - The largest and deepest ocean, which separates Asia and Australia from the Americas
  • Pakistan - Territory in southern Asia, ruled since 1956 by the Islāmī Jumhūriyah Pākistān[
  • Palau - Islands in the western Pacific Ocean, ruled since 1978 by the Beluu er a Belau
  • Panama - Territory in south Central America, ruled since 1903 by the República de Panama
  • Papua New Guinea - Territory in the island of New Guinea in the Pacific Ocean, ruled since 1975 by the Independent State of Papua New Guinea
  • Paraguay - Territory in central South America, ruled since 1992 by the República del Paraguay
  • Pennsylvania - The Keystone State - ratified Constitution 12 Dec 1787
  • Peru - Territory in western South America, ruled since 1993 by the República del Perú
  • Philadelphia - The original capital of the United States
  • Philippines - Archipelago in the western Pacific Ocean, ruled since 1946 by the Republika ng Pilipinas
  • Poland - Territory in central Europe, ruled since 1989 by the Rzeczpospolita Polska
  • Portugal - Territory in southwestern Europe, ruled since 1976 by the República Portuguesa

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