Proponent of agorism and author of the New Libertarian Manifesto
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  • Samuel Edward Konkin III (8 July 1947 - 23 February 2004), also known as SEK3, was the author of the publication New Libertarian Manifesto and a proponent of a political philosophy which he named agorism.


    8 Jul 1947, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


    23 Feb 2004, in West Los Angeles, Los Angeles


    Jeff Riggenbach on Samuel Edward Konkin III, by Jeff Riggenbach, Freedom Network News: The Journal of the International Society for Individual Liberty, 2004
    Lengthy biographical and memorial essay
    "Make no mistake about it: we have lost a great libertarian, and we will probably not see his like again. Make no mistake about it: we have lost a great libertarian, and we will probably not see his like again. ... By the time he reached the University of Wisconsin later that same year to begin graduate studies in chemistry, he was a confirmed science fiction fan and was particularly enamored of the works of Robert A. Heinlein."
    NewSamuel Edward Konkin III, by Jeff Riggenbach, 29 Jul 2010
    Biographical essay; including examination of Konkin's ideas on the Counter-Economy; transcript of "The Libertarian Tradition" podcast of 20 July 2010
    "Yet there were those who chose to try to make such careers for themselves, even if they were unable to find institutional support for their efforts. One such was a young man from ... the westernmost of what Canadians call the prairie provinces. His name was Samuel Edward Konkin III. He was born in Saskatchewan 63 years ago this month, on July 8, 1947. He grew up in Edmonton, in the neighboring prairie province of Alberta and got his undergraduate education at the University of Alberta, where he first became involved in political activism, serving as head of the Young Social Credit League on campus."

    Books Authored

    New Libertarian Manifesto [PDF], 1980
    Electronic version available at; contents: Preface - Statism: Our Condition - Agorism: Our Goal - Counter-Economics: Our Means - Revolution: Our Strategy - Action: Our Tactics
    Related Topic: Agorism


    New Libertarian Manifesto, 29 May 2009
    Narrated by Mike Gogulski, includes text of manifesto
    Related Topic: Agorism

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